WPSNIPP – Helpful WordPress Snippets

WPSNIPP - Helpful Wordpress Snippets

WPSNIPP - Helpful Wordpress Snippets

During the development process of the “CustoMaterial” WordPress Theme I ran into an inconceivable amount of little problems and much needed WordPress Snippets and functions that forced me to search the web for possible solutions. I will post some of these here on the blog in the near future and hope some of these ressources will also help you out someday.

A very helpful site I just came across yesterday is WPSNIPP – WordPress Snippets. They maintain – at the time of writing – a directory of 665 WordPress Snippets, fully categorized and tagged. There are lots of snippets for everyday tasks as well as very specialized ones, such as “How to Add custom attribute to image using the_post_thumbnail” for which I searched the WordPress Codex as well as <a href="http://wordpress online project planner.stackexchange.com/” target=”_blank”>StackExchange and the other “usual suspects” for days. There is also a section covering Plugin-Hacks for Plugins such as “Contact Form 7” (which we also use on our Contact Page), WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

According searchability – or better said “findability” – the site could still get a bit improved. Nonetheless: Great Site with great WordPress Snippets, some of them really hard to find elsewhere.

Both thumbs up!

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Author Info: Thomas A. Reinert

Thomas is mainly a Frontend-Developer always interested in the latest trends. After nearly 10 years of Wordpress he also got a good insight into the Wordpress Backend, Theme- as well as Plugin-Development and to fulfill nearly any customers wish according to the projects requirements.

He´s also working as a freelancing tutor in vocational training and a member of Colognes IHK board of examiners for "Mediengestalter Digital und Print, Fachrichtung Digital".

Visit his Portfolio @www.tarcgn.de

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