Non-Commercial Static Website on Bootstrap-Base for a Streetart-Project

Static Website, really? Yes, you read correctly! But why? Well, that´s easily explained: As a participating artist I was invited to the Strassengold (in english: “Streetgold”) Streetart Project and found out that the website for the project was well-meant but unfortunately not well done. Especially in matters of fulfilling the projects intention, but more about that later.

So I quickly wrapped up a static Bootstrap-based prototype in a few hours and thought that would be it.  I thought wrong. Totally wrong.

The purpose of the project was on the one hand to arrange an exhibition to evoke a certain interest in Streetart and on the other hand to give visitors a chance to explore the city of Cologne with an embedded map where “Streetart Hotspots” would be marked. Vice versa artworks “in the wild” would get an QR-Code to access information about the artists. For that reason it would be nice if the site was mobile-optimized to allow access “pon the road”, wouldn´t it?

What I totally under-estimated was the fact that life is not a bed of roses when you have to deal with 40 creative minds, need to collect all data and try to fulfill individual wishes. If I had known that before, I´d had the project set up on WordPress right away, because there were so many changes etc. involved.

As a final conclusion of the Strassengold-Project:

  • If you work with more than 10 people – Do it with a CMS!
  • If it´s probably going to need a non-projectable amount of updates – Do it with a CMS!
  • If you gotta upload a LOT of media files (~5/person * 40 artists) – Do it with a CMS!

Anyway, great project and whenever you can take the chance to pickup a non-commercial project: DO IT! It´s not only fun, you´ll grow from this experience. In this special case many of the exhibiting artists donated their artworks for a final auction. The auctions proceeds were all endowed to refugees. Thumbs up!

Project Details

Project Title:
Another height

Client Information:

Project Duration:
08/15/2015 until   09/01/2015

Project Tasks:
  • Fully responsive on all mobile devices
  • Smallest possible amount of transferred data with respect to mobile devices
  • SEO optimized
  • Performance optimized
  • Customized Google-Map integration
  • Presentation of all 40+ artists and their bio as well as reference-artworks in a masonry-layout
TAR MediaDesign

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