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Soon to be released - WordPress Theme Codename "CustoMaterial"

.. is our first open-source´d, completely free to use WordPress Theme.

You can see it already live here on this site - actually it IS what you´re seeing right here now. If you want to follow the Development or like to take a Sneak Preview, then you may get the development version of   "Wordpress CustoMaterial Theme" from our Github repository.

Please report any bugs, misconceptions or possible enhancements there!

Fully Responsive Layout
"CustoMaterial" is built on _s and Twitters Bootstrap to guarantee a rock-solid responsive Design and easy and intuitive WYSIWYG-editing for editors with all the Bootstrap elements like Accordions, Sliders and the likes through 3rd-hand Plugins like Easy Bootstrap Shortcode or the recommended Pagebuilder Plugin.
Highly performant
Designed with Speed and Performance in Mind - currently, this Theme is one of the fastest performing available for WordPress. "Out of stock" it ranks with 94% on GTmetrix. And you´ll even make some more percentage points with 3rd-Party Tools and our Perfomance Tipps we´ll walk you through in our Tutorial once the Theme is officially released!
Fully customizable
Over 80 (yet) easily and fully configurable options via the WordPress Theme customizer. Probably there´s even more than you´ll ever need. But you got the Tools to configure it just like you want. Without the need to touch just a single line of Code.
Drag and Drop Pagebuilder
Comes with a Pagebuilder Plugin bundled. You may activate it but you do not need to. If activated it gives you full Control over the Layout from the WYSIWYG-Editor with lots of configurable Widgets. Just Drag and Drop them whereever you need them! There are also Pre-Built Layouts included! Feel free to built your site upon them! And you may also save your own Layouts so you can re-use them on any Page..
Nine Widget Areas
CustoMaterial contains 8 fully configurable Widget Areas: Topheader above Content. Classical sidebar - which can be de-/activated as it best suits to your needs - you can also configure if you want it on the left or the right side. One above and one below Off-Canvas Navigation. Four Footer Widget areas - if you need less, the Columns will automatically convert their column-widths according to the available space left.
Custom Widgets
CustoMaterial ships with only a few custom extra Widgets. Coupled with the Siteorigin Pagebuilder Plugin comes yet another dozen of Widgets.
Mobile Friendly
The CustoMaterial WordPress Theme is fully Responsive, Retina-Ready and fulfills Googles´ Mobile Friendlyness Test with ease! It´s also been hand-tested on various Mobile Devices like Android, Windows and iOS Tablets and Smartphones.
Google AMP ready
Google recently introduced AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages, a technique that loads extremely reduced Newspages (aka Blog Posts) in lightning speed. The CustoMaterial WordPress Theme allow customization of the display via the built-in Customizer.
100% WebApp-Ready
Our Themes are WebApp-Ready. That means you can put a Shortcut on the Homescreen of your Smartphone and you will see a custom App-Icon. If you run it, the Website will open up in a Fullscreen Window - without any Browser-Controls.
Solid Security
Our themes have been tested against a variety of known WordPress Flaws and strictly apply to the WordPress Coding Guidelines for Themes, Widgets and Plugins. They pass all of Sucuri's Security Tests.
All our WordPress Themes are inatly SEO-optimized. Sure, even more can still be done by activating Plugins like (the highly recommended!) "Yoast SEO" and our Themes won´t conflict with those. Still some things may break adding content or using the pagebuilder that should be tested thoroughly.
Fully accessible
We care for any impaired user on the Web. Therefore we fully adhere to the WCAG and (german) BITV guidelines within our themes. CustoMaterial fully validates versus WCAG 2 A guidelines via the AChecker.
Aesthetically crafted
Super-clean design with lots of white-space. Strong focus on Readability and Font-Aesthetics. Modular layout with an intuitive Grid thats easy for the eyes of your users.
Valid HTML5
Our Themes are 100% HTML valid. Feel free to test through a HTML 5 Validator. And yes, we know - our page does NOT validate. Due to two reasons: the Pagebuilder Plugin (and some of its Submodules) and some Non-Standard Apple Markup neccessary to make it behave as a WebApp. Yes, we hate Apple for that, too.. :/
Semantically correct HTML
Yes, and you may always try it on your own using tools like the HTML5 Document Outliner. And yes, we know, this Frontpage AIN´T validating. That´s one of the downers using a Pagebuilder Tools :/
English and full German translation included as well as translatable *.pot file. So feel free to translate to your own language and to comit it to our project! And yes, fo´sure you´ll be officially credited for your translation..
If you want to publish your Blog in any Language that uses Right-to-Left Script like Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac or Urdu - our Themes fully support RTL-Script.
Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs
Our theme supports Yoast SEO´s Breadcrumb Feature. You may choose to de-/activate and configure them through this 3rd-Party Plugin.
Do you want to run your own eCommerce-Site using WordPress´ most successful eCommerce-Plugin "WooCommerce"? CustoMaterial supports WooCommerce and also offers customized Templates for it.
The CustoMaterial Theme has full support for WordPress most successful bulletin board: bbPress. If you run a bbPress forum, more customizer features will become available.
Buddypress Support
Buddypress is a very popular Community extension for WordPress. As a matter of course we plan to support Buddypress as well. Admittedly thats still on the roadmap and not yet implemented in the CustoMaterial theme.
Premium Support available
There will be basic Support available for any User through our soon-to-come Helpdesk. No matter if you paid anything or not! But just in case you need urgent Support with your Project or Custom Modifications made, just Holla! We´ll be there for you. Promised.